Unfortunately we have seen all races cancelled since March 9 in Ohio and March 16 in Pennsylvania. Group runs are suspended until further notice by RRCA and Governor’s Social Distancing rules. I’m not going to list any races or group runs in this newsletter because they still an unknown. Keep running and connecting on social media. Better days are ahead!

Rick Hart


by Bob Gerdes

Do you have stiff or achy knees? I used to…here’s my story.

I guess it was about 8 years ago that I was having bad stiffness in my knees, not related to running. It was early in the winter, and I wasn’t even running that much. Going up and down steps was difficult, and I couldn’t pop up and down off the floor like I used to. I even had an RX from my doctor for arthroscopy. So, I decided to try a home remedy I read about in “The People’s Pharmacy,” an article which appears in “The Vindicator.” 

Here’s the recipe: take a shallow dish, and cover the bottom with golden raisins. Pour in enough gin to mostly cover the raisins. Let the gin evaporate. Eat nine of the raisins every morning. That’s it!

In a few weeks, my knee stiffness was much better. Coincidence, you say? I finished off the box of raisins, and since I was better, stopped eating them. Within two weeks, the knee stiffness was back. So, I started eating the raisins again, and soon the stiffness was gone once more. I have been eating 9 gin-soaked golden raisins every morning since then, and the stiffness has never returned. I have heard several personal testimonials of people who also swear by this approach, including some Youngstown Road Runners. (This may work with other joints, as well) 

Try it! You’ve got nothing to lose!

(PS–be sure to use real gin from the state store, not cheap, low-power grocery store gin. The anti-inflammatory properties are probably due to the juniper berries which flavor the gin. And no, you cannot use vodka)

Rick Hart

YRRC Board Member

“I’ve tested Bob’s golden solution for a couple weeks and I feel like it may actually be helping. The arthritis in my right hip is feeling a little better. Sure the inflammation has bad days and better days but since the golden raisin experiment I haven’t had any really bad days. So it’s still too soon to call it a success but the improvement is very promising.”